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How To Find Love In New York City

Who Are The Notable Participants

How To Find Love In New York City

This years star-studded parade will feature Carrie Underwood, Kristin Chenoweth, Jon Batiste, Nelly and Mickey Guyton all of whom will remain masked unless singing. The Rockettes will also perform, as will a group of competitive jump ropers, the Young Peoples Chorus of New York City and the Ballet Hispánico School of Dance.

As for notables among the 28 balloons, get ready for newcomers including Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian along with Ada Twist, the scientist from the animated childrens Netflix series and familiar faces including Papa Smurf and Snoopy. Also, get ready for a Disney cruise ship and a New Orleans-inspired alligator, NBC reported.

Honestly The Rent Is Too Damn High

Lets be honest, living in New York City is not realistic for a lot of people because of the astronomical cost of housing in the city.

New York City is not even in the same time zone as affordable!

I first fell in love with NYC after visiting for the first time after college. I spent 6+ years day dreaming about living in NYC but it felt out of reach because of the cost.

I saved as much as I could to finally make the big move to New York City, but boy I dont want to fool you, it was far from easy.

The high cost of housing is why so many people live with roommates or find themselves far from the center .

If helpful, our current rent for a 600 square foot apartment on the Upper West Side is $2,800. Its charming but TINY!

The bathroom door doesnt open all the way because of a small trash can, its hilarious and sad at the same time. But as most New Yorkers will tell you, you pay for the access, not the space.

Anyways, Ill post photos of our apartment soon and will send an update through the newsletter, if youre interested.

#2. The summer humidity & winter chill

You quickly learn after moving to New York City to take advantage of the blissful spring and fall seasons. The temperatures are perfect and the spring blooms and autumn leaves dazzle the city in breathtaking color.

However, summer is an absolute bear! Its hot, muggy and oftentimes stinky. The average summer temperature hovers around 85 90° and the humidity is no joke.

New York City Is A Safe Place To Live

It may surprise you to learn that living in New York City is not unsafe like most people assume.

Its hard to blame anyone for thinking that life in New York City could be dangerous. With 8.2 million residents, NYC is the most populous city in America and things are bound to happen.

However, relative to its size, New York City is considered one of the top 5 safest large cities in America.

After living in New York City for so long, I can honestly say Ive never felt unsafe in the city and thats mostly because Ive never really been alone on the streets.

Theres so many folks exploring the city at any given hour that youre seldom alone. You just have to know which main streets to stick to and which areas to avoid.

For instance, I dont walk through Central Park after dark.

Instead, I stick to the main streets where eager tourists and locals alike meander through the city streets while returning home from late night meals or libations. Theres powers in numbers.

I currently live in Manhattan and understand that busy streets are not as common in the other boroughs, so make sure to do deep research on the area you plan to move to in NYC.

If youre still unsure, this handy tool may be helpful to keep on your person.

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We’re Also An Ambitious Lot Which Can Pose Problems In Relationships

Ah, ambition. It led to the demise of Hamlet, and it similarly kills many relationships in New York City. Many residents of New York City are consumed by work. We are the hustlers, the go-getters, the never-stoppers. Many people end up choosing to focus on their careers, rather than dedicate time to dating or pursuing a relationship.

Even if you do want to make time for dating, it can be hard. Between a nine-to-five job, working out, and doing everything else we have to do in a day, finding time to go out on dates can make for an overwhelming schedule.

Crowds Will Become A Part Of Your Daily Life

Find Summer Romance at These 5 Fabled Love Story Locations

Do you like standing in line? Great! Youre going to LOVE loving in New York City.

Jokes aside, expect crowds and long lines anywhere you go.

You anticipate this as a tourist, but as a local, its a bear.

Not only will you wait in line for most popular restaurants, but the streets are crowded all the time. Comes with the territory, I guess.

I feel like all first dates in NYC should go something like this: Name, occupation, longest wait time. Because nothing proves commitment like a 2 hour line for donuts. Thats marriage material.

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Volunteer Event With New York Cares

Most New Yorkers tend to think that most people in New York City are too career-focused and not sensitive enough. So what better place to find a more gentle and caring lover than at a volunteer event! New York Cares has volunteer events all over the city with everything from feeding the hungry to tutoring children. These many opportunities are sure to bring out the most giving and loving people of the city. Its an amazing thing to see so many New Yorkers gather together to give back to the community! Even if you dont find a date that day, you will feel great about yourself knowing you helped others in need.

Top Six Ways To Find Love In New York City

So what? Times running out for you? Your here feeling like your love life is doomed. What are you? 30? 40? Well that shouldnt be a problem. Its not written anywhere that you can only find love in your twenties. Just because youre dating history sucks. To put that in simple words. Doesnt mean youre updateable. Somehow by choice, or by job reasons, suddenly youre in New York. One of the largest cities, its like a huge ocean filled with all kinds of fishes to date. Yet, youve heard so many terrible stories about dating in NY. Every night, youve come to wonder if youll ever find love in such a huge city.

The answer is yes, you will find love. In fact, love is waiting to find you in NY. Youre probably not searching for it the right way, or youre too scared to take that extra step. Well, thank god you found this article. Here are the top six ways to find love in New York City:

1. Pay Attention To Your Neighbourhood

2. Dont Ignore Your Friends

3. Attend Community Meetups And Events

Theres nothing wrong with being a home body, or even going to work and then straight home, but the chances of you ever getting out and meeting anyone are kind of slim. Step out a little, live mingle get yourself out there. There are plenty of Singles at events and local sport leagues that arent total jerks. Theyre jam-packed with people looking for love as well. Try them out and if youre still unlucky you can

4. Go Further Away From Home

5. Look At Social Media Differently

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New York City Is The Land Of Opportunity

You know what they say, If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

In my experience, this is true in two ways:

  • If youre an entrepreneur , theres no better place than New York City to try and make it big. The opportunities and networking connections you make while living in New York are hard to beat.
  • Career-wise, New York City has the biggest names in tech, marketing, apparel, journalism, sports, you name it. So if you cant follow your dreams , theres definitely a job for you, but I highly suggest having a gig lined up before moving to NYC.

New York City is home to 65 Fortune 500 companies, the second-highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the world, outside of Tokyo.

In terms of finding a job in New York City, you need to be keenly aware of finding a job that works well with your lifestyle because one thing you learn quickly after moving to New York City is that you will need to hustle hard.

With a population of 8.4 million, competition is fierce. Securing a job and keeping it will require more effort than it does in smaller cities, which is why New Yorkers are often considered workaholics .

One thing is certain, if youre passionate enough to move to New York City then chances are good youll find a way to make it work, one way or another.

How Can We Find A Registered Wedding Officiant


There are a couple of different ways to find your officiant. One way would be . Another way would be some research on WeddingWire or The Knot. The best option by far, however, would be to contact my beautiful and talented wife, Jackie Reinking. Jackie and I work hand in hand and she conducts beautiful ceremonies. Rumor has it that my clients receive a bit of a discount if they book her. Or even better, book us as a TEAM! In any case, you can verify whether the officiant you selected is registered with the Office of the City Clerk by calling 311.

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If You’re Not A Fan Of Dating Apps It Can Be Hard To Meet Someone In Person

In New York City, there are three main places to meet people: at work, in a bar or nightclub, or on your cell phone. New York is home to millions of people, so it’s inevitable that dating apps would become an avenue of choice for people to meet.

However, if you’re not a fan of dating apps, your options can be a lot more limited. As someone who prefers the in-person experience of getting to know someone, dating apps seem cold, impersonal, and downright phony at times. I detest pick-up lines and small talk, and, to me, it seems unnatural to meet someone through an app.

Plus, as my own experiences and those of my close friends have proven, dating apps have only furthered the mindset that the options are limitless for dating. If you’re not a fan of one person, there are a million more people out there at your fingertips. While this is freeing for some people, it can often lead to ghosting and heartbreak.

We Would Like To Have Our Ceremony At The City Clerks Office

Great! After your 24 hours wait, bring your marriage license, proper identification, at least one witness and a little bit of time. The fee for the ceremony in the City Clerks Office is $25 and can be paid by credit card or money order, payable to the City Clerk. Ceremonies are held during regular business hours between 8.30am and 3.45pm. Unfortunately, no reservations or appointments can be made for the ceremony and it is nearly impossible to predict the waiting times. From my experience, you will wait between 45 minutes to 2 hours for the entire process. If you can, come early in the morning when the chances are better of a speedy process.

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New York City Has Great Public Parks

The amount of public parks sprinkled throughout the city is a huge perk of living in the Concrete Jungle.

Obviously Central Park takes the cake, spanning nearly 850 acres, this gem is bigger than the country of Monaco and is the most filmed location in the world.

And its true, Central Park is picture-perfect, but dont make the mistake of overlooking the other 1,700+ parks in NYC.

Its clear that New York City understands the importance public green spaces and acts on that knowledge.

In fact, 22% of the city is dedicated specially for public parks and 99% of New York City residents are a mere 10-minute walk from a park.

I can attest that having access to green spaces makes living in NYC easy because when the city feels overwhelming its not hard to find a little slice of greenery to escape to.

For the most part, New Yorkers dress very well, especially when compared to other US cities.

Now, Im not saying were held to European standards, but close enough.

Living in New York City means youre constantly exposed to new trends and you cant help but benefit.

Theres something exciting about living in a city where people take pride in the way they dress that makes you want to put your best foot forward, too.

Personally, I noticed this change in myself. As mentioned earlier, my wardrobe has substantially changed since moving to New York City and I love it.

Theres no pressure to dress a certain way, so you can wear whatever you want.

Wearing: Sandals, Jean Jacket, Similar Dress

Travel Out To Williamsburg

A positive attitude will always allow love, success and ...

One of the hip and young places youll want to check out is Williamsburg. With the cool coffee shops, fancy parks, fun bars, and exciting district its sure to bring you into the world of singles. Here, you will find singles that love art and appreciate the hipster culture. Even if this doesnt sound like your ideal type, its worth a trip over the bridge to see what singles the area has to offer and its important to step out of your comfort zone to find love in NYC. Never been to an art exhibit? This is the perfect time to check one out. The Williamsburg area is currently on the rise, so get there quick to meet a cute indie single date of your choice!

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Focusing Energy In The Wrong Places

The kind of people that are truly looking for love arent to be found by chance. Like anyone living in New York City, the open-hearted are efficient. They join exclusive dating services that can pinpoint partners and create more lasting and loving relationships. The people that dont know what they want are not going to put in the effort or the money to get these services. You know that when youre set up with a match, you both want the same things and thats a good start. Its not by chance, its through intention.

Finding true love in NYC is challenging but its certainly not impossible. Dont leave it to chance. You must know what you want out of a relationship, know yourself and be willing to walk away from the methods that arent working. Stop going to bars and using apps that just eat up your time and create greater cynicism. The love of your life may very well be just around the corner, but not a street corner. In a city with so many people, you need to go to where theyre at. They get help from a professional NYC dating service like ours.

Reasons Why It’s Damn Near Impossible To Find Love In New York City

For decades, New York City has reigned the tops of lists of places to visit in the world.

People come from all over just to see those bright city lights.

And, with everything it has to offer, how could you resist? It’s the city that never sleeps and it leaves much room for the imagination in terms of endless opportunities.

We have this idea of New York City that anything can happen.

With the countless movies made about the big apple, love in the city has been glamorized into a fairytale ending we all hope to someday have.

Unfortunately, life is not like the movies. It’s messy and complicated and living in New York doesn’t make it any easier.

This is what makes finding love in the city so difficult:

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Moving To New York City

Moving to New York city is both a fascinating and overwhelming endeavor. Give yourself some grace while you work out the details. If helpful, I found a fascinating article that covers the best time to move to New York City. You can check it out here: The Best Time of Year to Move to NYC.

To make moving to New York City as smooth as possible, I suggest doing extensive research on the different neighborhoods. As with most cities, your life in NYC will greatly depend on the area you call home.

You neighborhood determines how how much you pay for rent, how far you need to walk to your favorite spots, how long your commute is, etc.

With average rents clocking in at $3,000 per month, I cant stress the importance of getting a feel for what your daily life will look like before you move to New York City. I found reddit to be super helpful.

What Salary Do You Need To Live In Nyc

Top 10 Things I LOVE About Living in New York City !

It depends on your lifestyle and the sacrifices youre willing to make! OK with roommates? NYC just became a lot more affordable! Value your independence? A 1 bedroom unit wont come cheap.

Theoretically you can live in NYC with a salary of 40k a year. Youll have roommates and wont be eating out at sit-down restaurants too often. Whats more, Broadway shows and rooftop bars will be reserved for special occasions.

A salary of 70k a year in New York City will afford you a more comfortable social life in the city that never sleeps. You may still have a roommate and eat out 2-3 times a week or you might find an apartment without a roommate bagels all the way!

If youre making a salary of 120k+ a year in NYC you will be able to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer. Getting drinks with friends after work, celebrating special occasions with a fancy dinner, attending the latest shows, and strolling down SOHO more than once a week

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