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Bronx Rental Complex Must Accept Housing Vouchers Judge Rules

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The decision Friday marks the first time a New York court has ruled that minimum-income policies for people with full-rent subsidies violate city and state laws, said Housing Works senior attorney Armen Merjian, who represented the family trying to get into Parkchester Preservation Companys apartments.

Adi Talwar

Fountains in front of the Parkchester apartment complex in The Bronx

Adi Talwar

Looking North on Metropolitan Avenue in Parkchester, The Bronx.

Adi Talwar

Looking North from the Bronx Unionport Parkchester Park

Ive been a lot of places in my life and Parkchester has the best environment, said author Barry D. Wade, who moved to the neighborhood in 2014. It is a beautiful community within the heart of the Bronx.

Retired nurse Norma Rodriguez, 80, sat on a tree-shaded bench across from a fountain and pointed out a stage set up for live entertainment and a police officer patrolling the park.

I love it here, Rodriguez said. The super markets are clean. Theyre good. The stores are wonderful. The buses. We have everything in Parkchester.

Search For Apartments In Bronx Ny Under $1200

Theres more than one way to spend $1,200 on rent in Bronx, NY, so the first step is to start thinking about what you really want from your new home. Be mindful of what makes you tick. Look for 2 bedroom apartments for rent for less than $1,200 if you want to share your living space and dont mind being further away from the city center. Search for 3 bedroom apartments if youre moving in with family or planning to share part of your life and living expenses with more friends. If city bustle is what you live for, you might want to search for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment closer to the city center.

Planning For The Future

Most renters have to follow strict rules about decorating the walls or hanging items, but Mooney says her landlord is on board.

“One time was here fixing something, and then after about 10 to 15 minutes, his wife was here for a tour. And then his daughters came in to check out the space, because they’d never seen anything like it,” she says. “He told me, as long as I keep it clean then it’s good, we’re good.”

Mooney appreciates her neighborhood’s quiet blocks, green spaces and proximity to the subway, calling it “as you can get to the suburbs and still be in the city.” Her job, roughly 20 miles northeast in Stamford, Connecticut, is an easy drive away though she’s currently working from home, she says.

She says doesn’t have plans to buy a home anytime soon, and that she’s content with her space the way it is. “I have no shame in being this way and for people to see that this is how I live,” she says.

Her eclectic style, of course, may not be for everyone. “I know people will say that it’s childish or like, ‘How old are you?'” Mooney says. “I like it. I can be 40 years old and like color and television show figurines.”

Collecting TV paraphernalia and magazine clippings is a hobby just like some people’s sports obsessions, she says.

“Everyone used to think that I would outgrow this, and maybe some part of me thought I would, too,” Mooney says. “But we’re going on decades and decades, and I love it now more than I did when I was a kid.”

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Work & Study In The Bronx

The Bronx presents plenty of opportunity for both study and work. In terms of education, Fordham University is the Bronx’s best-known campus. There are three City University of New York schools here, too. The best maritime education in the country can be found at the State University of New York Maritime College, in the Bronx. Work tends to be in manufacturing, education, and health and social services. Construction, primarily of housing, is also active remaking lots across the South Bronx.

Wilcox Ave #g Bronx Ny 10465

  • Date available:Sun Jan 1 2023
  • –applicationsWelcome home Wilcox avenue. This generously sized 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment has been meticulously renovated and features many new amenities. Upon entering the apartment you have all new life proof tile. This new tile is water proof and scratch proof. Your living room in large and comes with two coat closets. Ideal for storing thick puffy jackets. Off of the living room you have a large double door closet, capable of fitting all your clothes. Moving onward we have the bathroom. Bathroom has been completely renovated and features new modern grey tile throughput the floor and shower. The stand up shower also features a hanging glass door. Lastly we have your kitchen. Kitchen is brand new and features unused top of the line appliances. There is plenty of cabinet space for storage and the right amount of countertop space for cooking. Please contact Joseph Armato for a showing.Show more
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    Thoughts On Bronx Rental Complex Must Accept Housing Vouchers Judge Rules

  • Donna on said:

    I spent from last year into last month searching 8 hours a day. It is like a full time job. This search during a major Pandemic.

    People have a deadline as to how much time they are allotted to find decent housing.Income Discrimination is isolating, and supports homeless. Housing restricted people are discouraged from being full contributors in society due to income discrimination. Must standby and see other people with housing find success.

    This decision opens up doors for people, who were denied housing due to their incomes. Homeless ruins your income potential. Small cramped rooms can do the same thing as well. Having Space needed to get up and go to work will allow folks to move from poverty to employment.Denying people that opportunity is like telling them they dont exist. This is not right, or fair.

    The decision means that buildings using government grants are obligated to accept people with Vouchers. This is very important due to the homeless crisis here in the City of New York, as well as the essential need for standardized housing.

  • Creating A Pop Culture Collage

    The massive wall collages started long ago in Mooney’s childhood bedroom. And when she moved into her apartment from her parents’ place in 2012, she brought some of her original collages with her.

    “I’ve always wanted my spaces to reflect my interest,” Mooney says. “I just love arts and crafts, I love TV, I love projects it’s all just one huge conglomeration of all the things that I love to do.”

    Today, her process for creating them involves collecting old entertainment magazines and books, cutting out her favorite images and attaching them individually to the wall using reusable adhesive putty. Her goal: Leave no space uncovered.

    That also goes for her floors, blinds and everything else. Blinds, Mooney says, are particularly challenging: “Literally, I was cutting each individual piece of magazine photos and then gluing them each individually onto each slat of the blind.”

    Some rooms follow a theme. The bathroom features photos of iconic TV and movie scenes that take place in bathrooms, with contact paper over the walls to safeguard against moisture.

    The kitchen floor is decoupaged with photos of food, and since Mooney doesn’t cook much, her stove is a display case for food-related tchotchkes.

    “Little by little, I’m adding different things to different places that I never thought about before and that I love,” she says.

    “Sometimes I specifically start watching television shows just because I know they have a lot of merch,” she says.

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    Bronx Attractions & Entertainment

    Landlords sued for not accepting rent vouchers

    Pilgrims from around the world flock to the Bronx and “the House that Ruth Built”-Yankee Stadium. A new ballpark across the street has replaced the 1923 original, but watching the so-called Bronx Bombers play remains a treat. Down in South Bronx, a high-rise much like any other also lures in tourists. This tower off the Cross Bronx Expressway is where DJ Kool Herc helped invent hip-hop. Hush Hip Hop Tours will take you sightseeing if you like. There’s the Bronx Zoo, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the New York Botanical Gardens, and Poe Cottage, where Edgar Allan Poe saw out his days. For a nice long walk, try Pelham Bay Park, New York’s largest, in the East Bronx.

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    The Perfect $1200 Rental Near You

    Dont dismiss the idea of a studio just because it sounds small and featureless: studios come in many shapes and sizes, and it only takes a few strikes of creativity to go from drab to lively. If an all-in-one-room apartment spells total lack of privacy for you, have a look at the 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Bronx, NY. Customize your search by using more RentCafe filters. Decide what amenities you cant live without and focus your search on the apartments that offer them. Are you bringing in a pet? Narrow your options to pet-friendly apartments for rent. Want more windows so that natural light floods your home? Hardwood floors or plush carpet in the living area? There are 7 apartments for rent below $1,200 in Bronx, NY for every taste. Decide what you need, stay focused, and youre bound to find your perfect apartment in no time.

    Finding a home nearby is easier than you think. Check out our Apartments Near Me page and take your pick!

    Cost Of Living In The Bronx

    Living in the Bronx won’t cost you as much as some of the other boroughs of New York City, but it’s still more expensive than most of the country. Your rent will depend greatly on which part of the Bronx you choose to call home. Costs range from the low end in the South Bronx to the high end in affluent areas such as Riverdale. The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the Bronx is $1,400.

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