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Where To Buy Groceries In Manhattan

Why Consider Shopping At A Zero

Midtown Manhattan Food Guide: BEST Budget Bites in NYC!

Zero waste grocery shops can help you transition to a plastic-free fridge and pantry. This is something that makes my heart sing and is just so needed. Food and its packaging account for 45% of all waste sent to landfills in the USA since food packaging is mostly single-use .

NYC has actually committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050, and part of this transition includes embracing zero waste! Some of the citys recent commitments include introducing food scrap drop-off sites and composting programs.

Their curbside organics program now serves over 3.5 million people and they have over 100 drop-off sites with more on the way. NYC is getting it together when it comes to food waste, but still has a ways to go with food packaging!

Gorillas Order On Sunday Morning: $1950

This was a mistake on my end because I should have picked up coffee beans when I was out at the store during the week. I woke up early on Sunday after a late night out on Saturday and desperately needed coffee, but I was out of beans. I decided to pull a bit of a lazy move and order beans on the Gorillas app, which brought me to a total of $19.50 after tip.

Grocery Shopping In New York City

September 14, 2012by Andrew Cafourek

I grew up in the midwest, so the past few years in New York have been quite the life adjustment as Ive gotten used to smaller spaces, more people, and public transportation. When trying to explain this shift to people back home, Ive found the best example to be grocery shopping- everyone buys groceries and the difference between shopping in the city and shopping back in Missouri could not be more stark.

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What Nyc Is Doing To Help

In the past decade, New York City has increased efforts to address these inequities, and much of that work has focused on improving and expanding supermarket access for underserved residents to increase availability of fresh, healthy, and affordable foods.

These efforts include implementing initiatives, allocating funding, introducing legislation and producing policy reports. For example:

  • Food Retail Expansion to Support Health program provides financial incentives to grocery store operators and developers to expand or improve existing stores or develop new ones in FRESH-eligible areas.
  • Shop Healthy NYC! works with retailers to increase their stock and promotion of nutritious products.
  • Recent legislation a local law introduced by City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, seeks to amend the administrative code of the city of New York by exempting certain affordable grocery stores from the commercial rent tax while requiring that a minimum of 500 square feet of floor space be devoted exclusively to the sale of fresh produce.
  • Manhattan Supermarkets: How to Keep Them Alive, a report issued by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewers office in June 2017, discusses how supermarket closures resulting from increasing rents, gentrification, retailer bankruptcies and new development have impacted the borough.
  • In addition to municipal action, there are numerous community-led initiatives that seek to improve food environments throughout New York City.

Larger Neighborhood Stores Like Food Town And Bravo

These Lower Manhattan Stores Will Bring Groceries Right To Your Door ...

There is a Food Town location a few blocks from my house, as well as multiple Bravo locations within walking distance. These stores are the largest grocery stores I’ve seen in New York , so I’ll go here when I want a large variety of options. When it comes to price, these stores are cheaper than other neighborhood markets, but I’ll still end up spending more here than if I were to go to Trader Joe’s.

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Is Grocery Shopping Different In Nyc

The answer is yes. Most New Yorkers commute on foot by walking, subway or bus limiting the amount of bags that can be transported. New York is also a city plentiful in stairs. Living up two or three flights of stairs will quickly influence someones shopping style. There are some ways around these issues hiring an Uber or taxi to shuttle groceries home is one option, while granny carts and bus routes can reduce the perils of shopping on foot. Another option is to avoid shopping altogether by ordering groceries through delivery services.

Many shoppers recommend shopping more periodically and buying less each time. One factor in shorter shopping trips is the immense availability of specialized and gourmet foods around the city. Moving into a new neighborhood provides a vast network of local makers and producers. Within months youll know the best cheese shop, the best Jewish deli, the best Korean market, and the best place to buy fresh fruits and veggies. By picking up one or two items on the way home, your monthly needs become more parsed out.

Granny carts are foldup shopping carts that work well going up stairs and in and out of subways. They can be purchased through big box stores like Amazon, Walmart, or Target, or even from your corner bodega.

Urbanspace Garment District Market

Urbanspace Garment District showcases a diverse mix of original concepts from experienced chefs, as well as exciting new…

Posted by Embassy Suites by Hilton New York Manhattan Times Square on Tuesday, 25 September 2018

UrbanSpace Garment District Market was established by two non-profit organizations – Urbanspace and the Garment District Alliance, both who have the common main goal of nurturing small businesses. This outdoor food market provides exceptional cuisine from more than 30 vendors.

Enjoy modern American food at Yankee Doodle Dandys food truck, a tasty slushie from Kelvin Slush Co, as well as several other joints offering everything from empanadas, lobster rolls, Lebanese pizza, paella, and so much more. This place is usually crowded, but you can picnic with your bought bites at the nearby park.

UrbanSpace Garment District Market

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 11am – 8pm

You might be interested in these Airbnbs!

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The Best Places To Buy In Bulk In Nyc

Bulk foods have grown in popularity, and there are quite a few locations in the city to purchase bulk. It comes down to personal preference for many. Here is an easy list of all bulk selling stores in the city, published by Litterless.

The 4th Street Co-Op is beloved for offering a wide assortment of bulk grains, flours, seeds, and items like seaweed, tofu, oil, and vinegar. The Fairway Market in Manhattan also has a great selection of bulk dry items, and theres always Whole Foods in case you want to feel right at home.

If youre looking to buy household products in bulk, another company worth mentioning is Common Good & Co, a producer of nontoxic, sustainable, and refillable products with refill stations in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. They are a great source for personal and house cleaning items and also have a handy list of composting locations that might be near you.

Trader Joe’s Run On Monday: $4050

The BEST Cheap Eats in NEW YORK CITY ($5 Times Square Food Guide)

I started my week with a trip to Trader Joe’s. One thing that I always have to consider with a TJ’s run is that since I have to walk and take the subway, I have to make sure I can fit my groceries into no more than two bags. So, after grabbing some essentials like vegetables, rice, fruit, chicken, and fish, I made sure to treat myself to some of my TJ faves like their plantain chips and dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

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The 15 Best Places For Groceries In New York City

Jin Moon: The best place to get Korean groceries in Manhattan. No Korean market in Bronx so this is my to go place.

Kathy Matthiesen: My one stop shop for all things Asian grocery. They’ve moved across the street from their old space, and the store is SO much more spacious and nice!

Sophie Omnom: THE place to go for Korean food groceries and various other Korean products. Kimchi, gochujang, mandoo – everything!

The Corcoran Group: Not as crazy as its Union Square brother but youll forgive the lines when you get home and enjoy your delicious and inexpensive groceries.

Courtney R.: By far the cheapest place to get groceries on the UWS.

Vivian Nunez: My favorite grocery shop! Prices are unbeatable but produce is always fresh.

Serious Eats: Excellent full-service grocery in Kips Bay.

Brian DeVito: Best grocery store in Kips Bay. Quick lines, good staff, quality produce and decent city prices.

Gansevoort Hotel Group: Great Organic Products, Freshly made food, Groceries…anything you need they have!

Pedro Martins: Best muffins that I ever ate. This is, by far, the best grocery shop I have been. Love the freshly squeezed orange or apple bottled juice, they’re 100% fruit.

Jenna Salsedo: With prices do cheap compared to other manhattan grocery stores– it’s worth the wait. Grab the tofu edamame nuggets.

Lisa Gansky: Best grocery store for quality products & decent prices in the city! Solid selection of organic that won’t break the bank.

for you

I’m A Single Person Living In Nychere’s What I Spend On Groceries In A Week

Moving to New York from Orlando, Florida was an adjustment in more ways than one. I learned how to navigate public transit and got used to life without a car, I learned to walk much more quickly and to get out of people’s way on the sidewalk, and I learned that in general, the cost of living is much higher than what I’d been used to.

The thing about living in NYC is that you may feel like you’re in line with your budget, but then you leave the house and with the snap of a finger, you’ve just spent almost 30 more dollars.

One of the biggest financial adjustments I had to make when moving here is how much money I was giving myself to spend on groceries. As a single person living in New York, groceries can get rather expensive, and it’s still something I’m trying to figure out almost three years later.

Here’s what an average grocery shopping experience looks like for me here in New York City.

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Walmart In New Jersey

There is no Walmart in New York City but there is in the neighbouring state of New Jersey. It is one of the supermarkets frequented by New Yorkers as it is a better shopping option. Since I often get questions regarding Walmart, I decided to list it here as well, even though Walmart is in New Jersey. Walmart is a chain of really big shopping stores where you can find everything from groceries to electronics to kids stuff. However, if you dont want to shop in bulk, then its not really worth the drive to New Jersey. If you do decide to go there, make sure you allow plenty of time. Walmart in New Jersey is easily accessible by public transport, take the 320 Harmon Meadow bus from Port Authority.

Best Zero Waste Stores In Nyc

Photo: 61, Album: Manhattan StoreFronts

What’s a zero-waste store? And why consider shopping at one? There are so many great reasons! Make sure to head over to the end of this post to read more about that!

If you are wondering, well where is the best zero waste store near me in New York?… Keep reading!

If you are ever in the Ithaca area I would highly recommend visiting the Green Star Natural Foods Market. I think Green Star is honestly the best zero waste grocery store NYC has to offer. When you go, bring your own containers and stock up on their enormous selection of flours, sugars, granola, cereal, dried fruit, herbs, spices, teas, peanut butter, honey, vinegar, oils, and more! This is also a great way to reuse your old Tupperware containers.

Green Star also has a healthy food discount program designed to make natural food and other eco-friendly products available to everyone, no matter your income. The FLOWER discount is for up to 13% and that can make a big difference when money is tight. I love that!

What they offer:

The Wally Shop is a zero waste grocery store based in Brooklyn where you can find zero waste pantry essentials, household cleaning supplies, and personal care items all delivered in reusable packaging!

But the coolest thing about The Wally Shop is its origin story. The founder, Tamara, worked at Amazon managing the packaging and shipping category.

What they offer:

What they offer:

What they offer:

What they offer:

What they offer:

What they offer:

What they offer:

What they offer:

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How Much Does Grocery Delivery Via Instacart In New York Ny Cost

  • Delivery fees start at $3.99 for same-day orders over $35. Fees vary for one-hour deliveries, club store deliveries, and deliveries under $35.
  • Service fees vary and are subject to change based on factors like location and the number and types of items in your cart. Orders containing alcohol have a separate service fee.
  • Tipping is optional for delivery orders. It’s a great way to show your shopper appreciation and recognition for excellent service. 100% of your tip goes directly to the shopper who delivers your order.

A Report Compared The Prices Of Milk Eggs And A Frozen Meal Across The City

QUEENS, NY Grocery shopping in Manhattan takes a bigger bite out of your wallet than it does in Queens or Brooklyn, a new study of the price of everyday staples has found.

A dozen eggs or the average frozen meal cost more in the borough than they do if you jumped on the subway and headed to another borough, according to the study carried out by the financial news site 24/7 Wall St. Milk, however, is most expensive in Queens.

Here’s what it costs to buy groceries in the three boroughs. Prices in Staten Island and The Bronx were not recorded by the site.

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Street Produce Vendors: Good Or Bad Deal

Many of the street produce vendors sell vegetables and fruits comparable to those found in grocery store chains. Youll find Dole bananas and Driscoll strawberries, which might be significantly cheaper. In some cases, street produce vendors sell at half the price of nearby grocery stores, saving you a lot of money. Just make sure to check the produce for the best quality. Often, the street produce vendors are selling fruits and vegetables that need to be used same day.

Legally, all vendors have to have an NYC Street Vendor License. A vendor that has been certified and inspected will have theirs displayed. Do not purchase from vendors without a street vendor license, as there is no accountability for their product. Between qualified vendors, New Yorkers find that street vendors remain the safest and cheapest way to get fruits and veggies in New York. Do some comparison shopping with nearby grocery stores and see what fits best for you.

Grocery Stores In New York City Map

Why Is This New York’s BEST Neighborhood for Cheap Eats?

Now that you have a good idea of many of the different options, below is a map that shows all locations in Manhattan for the above grocery chains.

Since NYC is more than just Manhattan, there are definitely more than these options throughout the rest of the four boroughs.

So, to recap this list, below are 10 of the top grocery stores in New York City:

1) Trader Joes

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Place To Buy Groceries In Midtown Manhattan

Hi there, we’ve just booked three nights at the San Carlos Hotel and April. We will have a kitchenette and wondered how we find a place nearby to buy some fruits and veggies, milk, bread and wine.

Can anyone help with this? I’ve been looking around the net and have a million activities planned but this is missing.

Surely people eat something besides restaurant food in Manhattan 🙂


I believe the San Carlos is between Lexington and Third Avenues. The nearest supermarket is probably the Food Emporium on Second Avenue in the general vicinity of 51st street. There are also a number of smaller, deli-style markets on Third that would have fruits, veggies, and staples.

There are also liquor stores on Second Av where you can buy wine.

I think the closest regular supermarket would be the Food Emporium on 2nd ave. & 51 st

969 Second Ave

Hours: Mon 7am – Sat 12mid

Sun 7am – 12mid

If you want to go into the store, you can still order delivery. There will be smaller grocery/deli stores that also carry basics like milk, bread etc. but they charge more.

Thanks so much for your replies. That is very helpful. Now that I have an idea about food and wine, the ‘essentials’ I can plan my museums, etc. Very excited.

thanks again,

This isn’t really all that close, but on the Southwest corner of Central ParkColumbus Circle – there’s a fantastic Whole Foods store in the lower level of the Time Warner Center. Great foods and wine. Just FYI.

New York City

Supermarkets In New York

Are there supermarkets in New York? I get asked this question a lot and yes, there are some options to buy groceries in the city. There are not many big chain supermarkets but you can find good alternatives to buy fresh food, natural products, grooming and cosmetics and more. Read on to find a list of supermarkets in New York that are worth visiting.

Eric’s Index

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The Price Of Food In Nyc: A Comparison Of Supermarkets

Can a half gallon of milk cost $1.59 in one neighborhood and $4.84 in another thats only a few miles away? Between February and April of 2017, under the direction of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, 30 undergraduate Hunter College Nutrition students visited 41 supermarkets and farmers markets in their neighborhoods to answer that question.

Our nutrition students hit the pavement and traveled from Elmhurst, Queens, to Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, and from Staten Island to the Upper East Side of Manhattan to collect data on the cost of 15 specific, preselected food items in all of the five major food groups.

The data collected was impactful and will hopefully lead to more formal research into food pricing in New York City and beyond.

As we know, there is no silver bullet for creating access to healthy food. Numerous factors, including convenience, affordability, transportation, previous shopping experiences, and even the weather can impact a persons ability and/or desire to purchase fresh, nutritious food .

The data from this survey shines light on the wide variation in the cost of specific healthy food items and demonstrates that shopping for healthy foods on a budget isnt easy. Shoppers have to be savvy, mindful, aware, and often willing to travel some distance to find healthy foods at the best price in New York City.

Looking at NYC Supermarket Food Prices Our Approach

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