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What Is The Best Bus Tour In New York City

The Absolute Best Night Bus Tours In Nyc

Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off Tour in New York City, New York

Are you ready to explore New York City? The city that never sleeps has so many sights that it would take a lifetime to see everything. So, while you wont be able to see the entire city during one trip to NYC, we do suggest that you sign up for a nighttime bus tour. Youll love experiencing the glamour of New York illuminated by night, where youll see many famous attractions and be entertained by the live guides. But how do you know which one to choose? Today well look at the best night bus tour NYC to make it easier.

Sights Seen On The Ride In Times Square And Midtown

Billed as part tour, part entertainment, by its creators, The Ride NYC starts off in the heart of Times Square. Here youll meet your tour guides or ride operatives, on the bus.

Part scripted, part improvised, Scott and Jackie, our guides, made the crowd feel right at home. Even while explaining the state-of-the-art bus technology, they were adeptly commenting on people inside and outside of the bus. My husband, or as we called him, our photographer was quickly pointed out by Scott as a New Yorker who felt he was too good for sidewalks, while standing outside in the middle of the street.

We immediately learned Times Square in New York is the number one tourist destination in the United States. Did you know the entire Empire Theater building was actually picked up and moved 170 feet to preserve it? As we gleaned the details, The Ride showed us historical photos on multiple screens of the building as it was moved.

Heading through Times Square, hearing trivia about New Years Eve ball drop, we encountered one man who was still celebrating.

Big Bus Night Bus Tour Nyc Information

  • Price: $49 for children / $59 for adults
  • Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • Departure/Arrival Location: 7th Ave & W 48th, Outside the M& M Store
  • Departure Time: Tours begin at 7:00 pm and run through 9:00 pm

As you make your way to the departure area, consider that seats are first-come, first-served on the bottom or top deck. Once aboard the open-top double-decker, youll want to plug in your recorded audio commentary thats available in 10 languages ranging from English and Spanish to German, Japanese, and more. Listening to this during the duration of your trip is the best way to learn lesser-known facts about each attraction you see.

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The Pros Of Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

  • They make getting around the city easy. You just hop on, sit back and ride.
  • They stop at all the major attractions, so you don’t have to worry about finding your way to them.
  • At one time there was just one tour operator, but now there are several to choose from, which means more competition and better pricing.
  • They usually have tour guides who ride along with you and point out the various places you can visit and tell you some interesting tidbits of information about each of them.
  • If the tour bus drops you off there, you can be confident it’s safe for tourists.

A Real New York City Sightseeing Tour

Pin on TopView NYC

Top View NYC covers everything you can think of. And while it is a bus tour, they even have an option on the water! Youll see Empire State Building, the Flat Iron building, Little Italy, Harlem, 5th Avenue, Central Park and so much more. They also offer a Brooklyn tour, a Bronx tour, and a Statue of Liberty cruise. The convenience of using a bus tour like Top View is the hop on hop off feature. If you see or hear about a place want to visit, simply hop off and go. Ready to get back on? Wait 20-30 minutes and another bus will be along shortly. Along the route, you plug in a set of provided headphones to listen to information about what youre seeing. Plus, as far as bus tours of New York City go, the variety of options Top View provides is unmatched. More details on tickets below.

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Top View Night Bus Tour Nyc Route And Attractions

The Top View night bus tour begins in Times Square and travels down 5th Avenue past Bryant Park and the Empire State Building. It then travels past some of the citys most famous areas, including the Flatiron District, Greenwich Village, Soho, Chinatown, and Little Italy.

The bus will then head toward the harbor, where you will cross the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn. This is usually a fan-favorite as the splendor of the Manhattan Bridge at night is unbeatable, as are the breathtaking views of Manhattans towering skyline.

You will then head back toward Manhattan, where youll enjoy other famous sights such as the United Nations Building, Chrysler Building, and the Grand Central Terminal. Finally, youll travel through Times Square once again before arriving at your departure point.

In the end, if youre looking for a fun night experience in New York City, then you dont want to miss out on one of these unique encounters. Regardless of which night bus tour NYC that you choose, the views are unmatched, and youll have plenty of lasting memories to take back home.

Nyc At Night Bus Tour

Explore New York City by night on this combined bus and walking tour.

Meet your guide at Midtown Manhattan to begin your tour.

Get on board the luxury tour bus and take a seat.

During the bus ride you will see charming neighborhoods in Manhattan lit up at night.

After that, youll stop for guided walking tours of Grand Central Terminal and the High Line.

Then, stop by the Chelsea Market for a bite to eat.

Your guide will narrate the history of the New York City.

They will also point out landmarks and celebrity homes along the way.

  • Start Time: 5:30pm

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Best Bus Tours In New York City

The energy of New York City is found in its streets. One of the best ways to experience this vitality, and cover serious ground at the same time, is with a bus tour, rolling between Manhattan neighborhoods, one beautiful block at a time.

From a themed tour to hop-on, hop-off options that offer direct transportation to the top landmarks in the city, here are the five best bus tours that NYC has to offer.

Top View Night Bus Tour Nyc Information

New York in One Day Sightseeing Tour in New York City
  • Price: $49 for children / $59 for adults
  • Duration: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
  • Departure/Arrival Location: 46th St between 7th Ave & 8th Ave, off of 8th Ave
  • Departure Time: Tours begin at 7:00 pm and run through 11:00 pm

Top View offers one of the best night bus tours in NYC, as its comprehensive and passes many of the most famed attractions the Big Apple has to offer. Aboard one of the open-top double-decker buses, you will be delighted by the sights and sounds of the city that never sleeps. Between the flashing lights and stunning architecture, it will provide you a new view of the city that you cant see during the day.

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Topview Sightseeing New York

Topview SightSeeing is the latest bus tours company in NYC. They provide several sighseeing bus tours around New York and sighseeing cruise options.


Topview hop on hop off bus tours include Manahattan, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Bronx routes. Choose a pass and explore all the attractions that New York has to offer. .


Gray Line Citysightseeing Holiday Lights Tour

Witnessing New York City by night is an essential experience when visiting Manhattan. The streets always have certain electricity, but by night, the thoroughfares, landmarks, and bridges are lit up in spectacular fashion. Theres no better way to see it than from the open-air top deck of a double-decker bus. This after-dark excursion takes between two and three hours to complete and includes the chance to see famous attractions including Rockefeller Center , the bright lights of Radio City Music Hall, the department store holiday windows along 5th Avenue and Saint Patricks Cathedral. From Times Square to Central Park, this tour showcases the best of New Yorks famous holiday lights.

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Sex And The City Hotspots Tour

The Sex and the City Hotspots Tour is always a hit among fans of the hit TV show and movies. This 3.5 hour tour lets you follow in the footsteps of the SATC gang while riding around NYC on a comfortable couch. More importantly, youll get to visit 40 hotspots from the show during the tour. For instance, youll get to visit Steve and Aidans bar Scout, where the ladies dished on guys and drank cocktails, including SATCs iconic Cosmopolitan. Youll also visit fashionista Carries West Village Brownstone and shops seen on-screen like the Pleasure Chest where Charlotte bought her pink rabbit.

Come And Experience Sightseeing Bus Tours In Nyc The Best Tours New York Has To Offer

New York Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus In Manhattan Editorial Photo ...

Small Bus Tours NYC is not commercially operated. We are a family owned and operating tour company for over 35 years. We will take you out like family and by the end of the day we will be family. We offer a 6-hour Bus and Boat Tour in New York City. Our tour guide hops off and hops on with you! Each of our tour buses fit 12 passengers with a tour guide on board, so you will have a more personalized and comfortable tour. It combines a bus tour with short walks with your tour guide while the bus waits for you to return! Come experience Sightseeing Tours New York City in our climate controlled buses for your viewing pleasure. The best Bus and Boat Tour in NYC New York, NY.

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Gray Line Night Bus Tour Nyc Information

  • Price: $49 for children / $59 for adults
  • Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • Departure/Arrival Location: 777 8th Ave, New York, NY, 10036
  • Departure Times: Tours begin at 5:30 pm and run through 9:00 pm

As evening sets in Manhattan, Gray Line begins their nightly bus tours around the city. Visitors can enjoy seeing the citys iconic landmarks light up and really get a sense of what NYCs nightlife is all about.

This open-top double-decker bus boards on the West Side and provides unobstructed views of the most mesmerizing sights. Youll love the colorful light displays as you journey through areas such as Times Square, SoHo, the Lower East Side, and more.

Gray Lines guides are knowledgeable and provide guests with insight and interesting facts about what sights youre passing. Theres also an informative onboard guide you can follow that tells even more about each landmark. Just be sure to have your camera handy and ready to take lots of pictures because there are plenty of opportunities.

And if youre lucky enough to be in New York City around the holiday season, this tour is replaced by the Holiday Lights Tour. This particular tour is a beautiful time to travel around Midtown to view the legendary NYC department store windows and lots of other Christmas-themed decorations.

Manhattan Sightseeing Bus Tour Ny

The city of New York presents the world with Manhattan. The city lets you enjoy vibrant sights, while your guide fills you in on the various stories that go with the sights. One gets to explore the various facets of the city and its various neighbourhoods. Through this, one also discovers the awe-inspiring landmarks of Rockefeller centre, Chrysler building, Empire state building, Lincoln centre, Central Park, and Fifth Avenue.

One can also head to Greenwich Village, the artsy SoHo district, the hub-hub in the bustling streets of Chinatown, the always busy Wall street, Sidewalk cafes in little Italy, etc. In the end, one finally visits the charming Battery Park to soak in the beauty and enjoy stunning views of the Statue of Liberty- one of the icons of New York and the United States of America.


  • This tour has one enjoy the views of the Empire state building and the statue of liberty.
  • This knicks in the opportunity to hear interesting stories of each neighbourhood from your expert guide.
  • Also, one can visit Greenwich Village, SoHo, and Central Park.

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Popular Destinations To Be Visited On A Bus Tour From Washington Dc To New York

Washington D.C. and New York City offer a wealth of opportunities for visitors, from exploring historic landmarks to indulging in the culinary arts. For those looking to experience both cities on a budget, a bus tour is a perfect solution.

Departing from Washington D.C., these tours make several stops along the way, allowing passengers to explore popular destinations such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Newark.

While the exact itinerary varies depending on the tour operator, most include stops at iconic landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Liberty Bell, and Times Square. In addition to being an affordable option, bus tours offer a convenient way to see multiple cities in a short amount of time.

With so much to see and do, a bus tour from Washington D.C. to New York City is the perfect way to experience all that these two great cities have to offer.

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Best Ways To Explore New York City

First Class Bus “The JET” from Washington, DC to New York City

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Since New York City is the largest , busiest, and most culturally diverse city in the United States, you might be tempted to believe that getting around is a nightmare.

Au contraire! With an excellent public transportation network and lots of other enticing options, navigating the characterful neighborhoods within its 5 boroughs, visiting famous attractions, and getting a feel of the city is easier than you think.

Here are the best ways to explore NYC, whether you prefer to walk, bike, sail, or take in its buzz and magic from above.

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Specialty And Themed Bus Tours

The Ride is Broadway on a bus! A totally unique experience that, according to their website is “equal parts theatrical show and immersive tour.”

It’s designed to be fun and entertaining, with street performers scattered throughout the tour route.

The information about the city is rather limited and the route is confined to the area around Times Square, so guests looking for a comprehensive city tour should take a look at “The Tour” or look elsewhere.

Tickets and Reviews of The Ride

This service has received an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide .

Most guests enjoyed their experience on The Ride, but some have said that the quality of this tour has decreased over time.

It would appear that this trip does not appeal to all audiences, but its worth noting that hundreds of customers have left positive feedback about their adventures.

If youre looking for something a bit different, many passengers have suggested that this is one of the most original and unique bus tours in New York!

  • Price: $79 per person

Best Bus Tour: The Ride New York City

There are a wide variety of sightseeing tours in New York by bus, but The Ride steps things up a notch for a fun and educational experience. The 75-minute tour blends a classic narrated sightseeing trip with live entertainment while traveling the city in style. As travelers are whisked around Midtown Manhattan in a luxurious bus with oversized windows, television monitors and unique lighting, theyll have a few surprise visitors like street performers while the hilarious hosts narrate the not-so-average bus ride. Theres quite a bit of improv as hosts and performers interact with passengers and pedestrians so no two trips are the same.

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The Ride Nyc: More Than A Bus Tour

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Looking for a new and exciting way to see Times Square? The Ride NYC is more than a bus tour, its an entire performance. We love this unique way to interact with New York City while seeing the sites.

For sightseeing with a twist, The Ride and The Tour boast facts, comedy and performances from New York Citys busy streets while riding sideways in a Knight-Rideresque bus.

Yes, sidewaysin a vehicle fitted with stadium style theater seating looking out the virtually all-glass side of the bus. As an audience member, youll see the sights. You also, in effect, become one of them for anyone choosing to watch or photograph you looking outwards.

Theres no doubt these New York City attractions have tourist written all over them. That doesnt mean theyre not fun! For a family looking to cover a lot of ground its a great option. Plus, the kids cant complain their feet are hurting. The Ride, and The Tour offer a new type of sightseeing. They run rain or shine and cost less than a Broadway show.

The Cons Of Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

Top Things to Do for Christmas and New Year
  • They can be expensive, especially for a large family.
  • During peak visitor season, the busses get crowded and you might have to wait in line a long line before you can fit on a bus.
  • Traffic in Manhattan is horrible. Oftentimes, the tour bus will have to crawl along with the rest of the traffic, cutting into your sightseeing time.
  • You will be sharing the bus with other tourists who may be noisy when you’re trying to listen to the tour guide, and some of them are slobs, so the bus may be messy.

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