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Middle Schools In Bronx Ny

We Lay A Foundation In The Summerbefore School Starts

Gun Brought To Bronx Middle School

All students new to UP Middle spend a few weeks in the summer before their first year of school in SummerBridge, our program designed to introduce students to the school, their classmates, and their teachers. During SummerBridge, we team-build, go on trips, and learn the ropes about how UP works. The program is taught by the childs teachers and counselors, so when school starts in September everyone can hit the ground running together.

We also run a version of SummerBridge for parentsParentBridgein the evening. ParentBridge is a time for parents and families to learn about the critical support necessary to help their students succeed in middle school. The focus is on understanding the schools behavioral norms and transitioning process supporting their students as independent readers supporting their students in homework completion getting the hang of using our electronic systems understanding where their child is in reading-level progression and practicing how to regularly stay in communication with their childs teachers.

Success Academy Charter School

Success Academy Charter School is one of the finest middle schools in the Bronx. If youre looking for a school where your kid will study in a diverse environment, this is the best school. They have an excellent infrastructure and a beautiful campus with world-class facilities.

The only criticism is the amount of stress the students pass on to the students. Nevertheless, the environment is very challenging, with a rigorous curriculum. This school has gotten into top-rated high schools and ivy league colleges.

Founded In: 2006Address: ST PAULS PL-5TH FL BRONX, NYRank: #3 of Best Middle Schools in the BronxContact: 597-4641Apply Now

Brooklyn School Of Inquiry

Brooklyns top-rated school, Brooklyn School of Inquiry, is a first-class school. If you are looking for a school that focuses on building character and integrity, this school can be a great choice. The curriculum is top-notch and follows on exploring the creative mindset.

All students are required to perform four hours of community service, and many perform more service than is required. The school focuses on building students social lives by providing a lot of clubs and organizations where they can make friends with similar interests.

Founded In: 2009 Address: 50 Avenue P, Brooklyn, NYRank: #6 of Best Middle Schools in the BronxContact: 621-5730Apply Now

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A Focus On Reading For Knowledge And For Joy

At UP we reada lot. We use shared reading practices across all classes that emphasize understanding and expression. Students independently read both during school in Advisory each morning and at home each night, and they track this reading and talk about it with their parents. In school students have a wide library of books to select from. During remote learning, students read from an e-library of over 3,000 titles on their school-issued tablet. We emphasize the need to read for pleasure and to relax, and we celebrate the experience and joy of reading through many different events and practices throughout the school year.

Students who come to UP who have traditionally struggled with reading on grade level receive five additional hours of instruction each week during our Zero Period, where they work in small groups on a mix of independent reading, guided reading, and shared text. The goal is to get students caught up quickly, so they can read to learn on and above grade level.

We are committed to building a community of all students who use reading to do well in their classwork, learn ever more about the world, and argue about ideas.

Parents And Families Are An Equaland Essentialpartner In Our Work

Mohegan School Public School #67, Bronx, NY New York City Department of ...

We spend a lot of time communicating with parents and families because we know theyre essential to the success of our studentsboth in school and out. All our teachers communicate consistently with a messaging system, and they return calls and emails within 24 hours. Our teachers also give parents family-friendly calendars in all their classes so families know exactly what their children are studying and when theyre going to be assessed on their work. And youll know what your child is readingand has readthrough access to our on-line book tracker.

And theres a lot going on in our schoolevents, performances, meetings, programsand we make sure our families are always connected through our school app. Its a one-stop shop that provides families a place to connect school staff, check whats for homework, catch up on events, news, and celebrations, and see their childs current grades. Our website also provides families with a comprehensive calendar of all eventscheck it out.

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We Gather Together Each Morning For Meeting And Advisory

Students spend their first hour each day in their advisory, which is the place for morning celebrations, announcements and shout-ours, homework planning, binder checks, student check-ins, and independent reading. Each advisor is responsible for tracking students independent reading progress in school and at home and for goal-planning with them. Our advisors are also the first line when it comes to contacting parents and holding them accountable for work done at home.

Elect Our School’s Next Parent Association Executive Board

Elect our schools next President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Parent Association Executive Board.

Join us on Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 6pm on Zoom.

Attendance of all parents is important, including graduating 8th grade parents. Let’s set up the next executive board for success and elect the parents who will be the parent leaders of Pelham Gardens Middle School for the new school year.

If there are any questions, please contact Parent Coordinator Mr. Leader at .

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Bronx Park Middle School

District Borough Number
2750 Throop Avenue, Bronx, NY 10469
Education Council President
Breakfast, lunch and after school meal service is free for all NYC public school students.
Menu Service Specifics
  • Breakfast Time: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
  • Lunch Time: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
  • Food Service Manager: Valerie Heeger
  • Kitchen Phone Number: 929-336-6006
Browse NYC Schools on

Kipp Academy Middle School

Black History Month: Bronx School Filling Students’ Halls With Heritage Lessons

250 East 156th Street, Bronx, New York, NY 4th Floor

From 161st Street-Yankee Stadium:Walk east on 161st Street to Concourse Village West and turn right.Turn left onto 156th Street.I.S. 151 is in the middle of the block on the right.KIPP Academy is on the fourth floor.

From Manhattan:Take FDR North to Third Avenue bridge.Stay left to get onto Major Deegan/87 North.Exit at 138th/Grand Concourse.Take Grand Concourse to 156th Street and turn right.Street will dead end turn left onto Concourse Village West. Parking garage is available on your left.Make first right back onto 156th Street.I.S. 151 is in the middle of the block on the right.KIPP Academy is on the fourth floor.

From Connecticut:Take I-95 South to Exit 6B .From Exit 6B, take I-278 West/Bruckner Expressway toward the Triboro Bridge. Merge onto I-87 North/Major Deegan Expressway via Exit 47 toward Albany. Take Exit 3 Grand Concourse/E. 138th Street.Go right at the fork onto Grand Concourse.Make a right onto 153rd Street.Turn left onto Concourse Village West.Turn right onto 156th Street.I.S. 151 is in the middle of the block on the right.KIPP Academy is on the fourth floor.

Parking:Note that there is no street parking available in front of the school from Monday through Friday. There are parking lots nearby for approximately $10/day.

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Rd Marking Period Honor Roll Assembly Live Stream Reply

LIVE STREAM REPLAY!!!Hello PGMS Parents.If you missed it, you may view the replay of the 3rd marking period Honor Roll Assembly live stream here: .Once again parents, we want to thank you for your involvement and support.View the live stream replay here: .

Our Counselors Travel With Students Over All Four Years

Our counselors really get to know their students and familiesbecause they stay with them over their entire career in middle school. Students will have one counselor for each grade to address social, emotional, and academic needs. And these counselors will travel with their class over the four years of middle school. Each grades counselor will work closely with teachers to understand what students need to maintain a minimum of an 88 GPA in their classes, and to reinforce the expectations that the school has for families around supporting students in school and completing work at home and completing independent, at-home reading.

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Bronx High School Of Science

Bronx High School of Science

The Bronx High School of Science is a publicspecialized high school in The Bronx in New York City. It is operated by the New York City Department of Education. Admission to Bronx Science involves passing the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. Each November, about 30,000 eighth and ninth graders take the three-hour test for admittance to eight of the nine specialized high schools. The test is extremely competitive, with only 800 of the 30,000 applicants being accepted to Bronx Science each year.

Founded in 1938 in the Bronx, New York City, Bronx Science is now situated in an educational area known as the Educational Mile in Bedford Park, a neighborhood in the northwest portion of the Bronx. Although originally known for its focus on mathematics and science, Bronx Science also emphasizes the humanities and social sciences and continually attracts students with a wide variety of interests beyond math and science.

With eight Nobel Prize-winning alumni, seven in physics and one in chemistry, it has produced the most Nobel laureates in science of any secondary school in the world. Bronx Science alumni have also won two Turing Awards, sometimes unofficially referred to as the Nobel Prize in computer science six National Medals of Science, the nation’s highest scientific honor and eight Pulitzer Prizes.

Why Ms 390 Is The Place To Be

Public School 12, Westchester Square, The Bronx, New York â¦

M.S. 390 is a school dedicated to ensure our students excel in every subject specially in ELA and Math. We make sure that students get prepared for high school. We embrace technology as a tool that can help the students to be engaged and motivated with education. All the students that attend M.S. 390 are assigned an iPad and laptop. They get access to valuable apps that help them work in Math and ELA in school and at home.

We make sure our students get ready for a demanding world.

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Classes Beyond Math Science History And English Matter

Its important for students to learn broadly and widely and to express themselves through the arts. All our students take Visual Arts, music, and chess at least three times over the four years they are at UP. Students not only draw, paint, perform, and rehearse in these classesthey also learn the fundamentals about each, allowing them to expand and broaden an existing passion or begin to develop a new one.

Best Middle Schools In The Bronx

The Bronx is one of the finest boroughs in New York City. We have to admit that there arent great schools in the Bronx, and the ranking is significantly low compared to other districts here. But there are some hidden gems that have stellar academic records and infrastructure. But where to find those schools? Well, dont worry, I have got you covered. In this article, after in-depth research, I have handpicked the top 10 middle schools in the Bronx.

Suppose you are a parent and are looking for the best middle schools where teachers will take great care of the students and will provide many opportunities for your kid to explore their niche. In that case, all you have to do is to choose any one school according to your preference below. In addition to the many exceptional public schools in the area, the Bronx is full of well-regarded private schools like Fieldston, Horace Mann, and Riverdale Country Day. So without further adieu, let us find the best school!

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We Also Care About What Happens After Classes Are Done

We teach our students leadership and deepen their connection to their community by offering students a wide array of after-school extracurricular clubs and sports programsall completely free to families. Students who remain with us after school for two hours, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm four days a way, dont just sit in the cafeteria doing homework helpthey learn new skills and develop passions with our teachers and staff who run more than 25 different clubs and programs each semester.

Some of our current offerings include boys and girls clubs, band, chess, student government, school newspaper and reporting, book and movie clubs, drama and theater, cooking, yoga, coding, video editing, art, cheering, anime, workout clubs, social justice and community service clubs, as well as basketball, soccer, cheering, and track.

Academic Leadership Charter School

Girls Prep Bronx Middle School Virtual Tour

Academic Leadership Charter School is one of the finest middle schools in the Bronx. Even Though the school has limited teachers, each teacher has a stellar reputation for their advanced experience in teaching middle school kids. The curriculum can be very challenging for students.

If you are only looking for fantastic academics and if physical education does not be a deal-breaker, then you can opt for this school. The school provides a great close-knitted community where students make friends for a lifetime. This school is highly recommended.

Founded In: 2009Address: 141st St, Bronx, NYRank: #10 of Best Middle Schools in the BronxContact: 585-4215

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The Elections Were A Huge Success

Last night’s Parent Association Elections were a huge success. Not only were we able to fill all mandatory positions, we were also able to fill a position that has not been held by anyone since 2015.

We would like to first thank all of the parents who attended last night’s election meeting and helped to make it such a success. We could not have achieved this success without you. Next, we want to thank our Elections Chairperson Shannon Cruz and Election Note Taker Sophia Olivero. We literally could not have conducted our elections without your courage to assume your respective roles. Last but not least, we would like to congratulate the four parents who were unanimously elected to their respective positions and now form our Parent Association Executive Board. Let’s please recognize:

Setting The Foundation In Middle School: Grades 5

UP Middle welcomes students as early as the fifth grade and works in partnership with their families over three or four years to build their lives as inquisitive scholars, joyous and able readers, and active citizens of both the school community and the larger community of neighborhood and city around them. Students at UP Middle join a committed fellowship of teachers, counselors and staff members who come together each day to teach, guide, and provide students with an array of opportunities to defend their thinking, express themselves, and learn from others.

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Support Atmosphere Academy’s Mission

Atmosphere Academy is educating and inspiring the next generation of youth. Support our mission and our programs, including a wide range of field trips, electives, social emotional learning , extra help, nature education, outdoor activities and so much more!

Through the creation of a highly engaging school setting, Atmosphere Academy not only prepares students to be ready for college, career, and life, but to succeed once they get there. By actively contributing to the school’s shared learning community, Atmosphere students will acquire the character, skills, and knowledge they need to think, collaborate, and lead.

We Take Play And Moments Of Rest And Recharging Seriously

P.S. 58

Our school day is built around three focus times of two periods each, with breaks for socialization and restoration in between. We also break for an organic, delicious, homemade snack in the middle of every morning, served family-style by students. Every day we have lunch and then head outside for recess to have fun, get air, and have some additional exercise.

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A Focus On Structured Homework

Students at UP Middle complete homework on a regular schedule, and the work done is designed to prepare them for learning that will take place in subsequent classes. In this way, U Prep teachers can extend the time we have with students in class. Parents also know exactly what work students have each night and check more easily check it for completion and quality.

Tag Young Scholars School

TAG Young Scholars School is a first-rate school that provides great education for students. Middle school has the best teachers who have great experience teaching students from that age group. There are a lot of clubs and organizations which also include theatrics, new languages, and many more.

The school has been doing good when it comes to academics. In Fact, According to state test scores, 93% of students are at least proficient in math and 95% in reading which is far better than most of the middle schools in the Bronx. They also have a very diverse environment.

Founded In: 1989Address: 240 E 109TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10029Rank: #8 of Best Middle Schools in the BronxContact: 860-6003Apply Now

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