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Manhattan Prep Gmat Practice Test

Review Your Mistakes After Each Practice Exam

Using Your Assessment Reports | Manhattan Prep GMAT Practice Test Analysis Pt4

After taking a practice exam, review your guesses and wrong answers. Many GMAT practice tests offer detailed score reports and explanations for each question. Identify where you went wrong. Did you make an incorrect assumption or misread the question? Reviewing your mistakes will help you improve in the future.

Its Too Expensive To Write Accurate Gmat Questions

Even if test prep companies wanted to provide accurate practice GMAT tests, they would find that it costs too much to prepare them. Creating standardized tests that measure the desired qualities rather than other closely related qualities is actually a science. Its called psychometrics, and GMAC employs a small army of trained psychometricians to create and validate accurate test questions. They can afford to do so because they generate testing fees of $50M+ per year, but your GMAT preparation company cant afford to do the same.

Which means that theyre tempted to cheat by taking the original GMAT questions published by GMAC, then modifying them slightly, and passing them off as their own. These practice questions may be more accurate, but they will actually poison your ability to use official practice tests as accurate diagnostic instruments. If youve already seen very close variations on the problems covered by GMACs official practice tests, youre likely to achieve an inflated GMAT score on those because of your familiarity with the questions.

Our Detailed Review Guide Covers The Best Gmat Practice Tests Available To Ensure You Are Ready For Test Day

The GMAT is a comprehensive and difficult exam, and your score on this test will likely be one of the most important aspects of your business school application. The exam is computer-based and uses an adaptive algorithm which increases or decreases question difficulty based on your performance. Because of this, many people turn to practice tests when preparing for test day. But with so many choices, how do you know which companys practice tests will benefit you the most? To help you make that determination, we will break down the best GMAT practice tests on the market in this detailed review.

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Official Gmat Practice Questions

Understanding what the test evaluates, rather than what the correct answers are, will bring awareness to your own strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to more accurately prepare for the live test.

If youre interested to know more, you can read about the best way to work with official GMAT practice questions. Here you can find our free sample questions and a breakdown of how to use them in your studying.

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Manhattan Prep Vs Kaplan Gmat: Additional Features

Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides: All the GMAT by Manhattan Prep ...

Further, Kaplan GMAT prep offers a score improvement guarantee. This means that if your score does not improve as compared to your diagnostic test score or previous GMAT score, you could refund. This, however, is not available with Manhattan Prep GMAT.

With the Manhattan Prep GMAT course, they teach you, but you will drive. Hence, your score improvement is on you.

Finally, while Kaplan offers 2 GMAT prep books plus an MBA admissions guide, Manhattan Prep has a more generous offering which includes Comprehensive GMAT Guides, The Official Guide for GMAT, and GMAT Supplemental Resources.

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Know Exactly What To Expect

Take the online practice test on your own time to understand what taking the GMAT under time constraints is really like. Realistic calibration provides you with a test-taking experience similar to the real GMAT.

Experience each test section, including Quant, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning, and learn how to pace yourself throughout the exam. Most of all, you’ll see how you would score if you took the GMAT today.

The #1 Exam For Business School

GMAT by the Numbers

The GMAT exam helps business school candidates stand out during the admissions process.

Schools know that candidates who take the GMAT exam are serious about earning a graduate business degree. They also know it’s a proven predictor of a student’s ability to succeed.

9 out of 10 new MBA enrollments are made using a GMAT score.

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How To Use Gmat Practice Tests To Boost Your Score

Practice tests are an easy and direct way to assess your preparedness to take the GMAT. Using practice tests from any of the providers herein will let you know upfront if youre ready to tackle the real thing. The adaptive nature of these tests will give you the opportunity to evaluate your performance so you can dial in on your weakest areas and further cement those areas where youre already strong. By taking multiple practice tests, you will likely reduce or eliminate the stress and anxiety that you would otherwise encounter on test day, since youve already trekked through the mock exams.

Practice tests may be all you need to effectively prepare for the GMAT. If youre looking for something more though, there are many resources worthy of your time and money. You might even consider upgrading to a full GMAT prep course. In that case, be sure to check out our list of Best GMAT Prep Courses here.

Pricing For Live Or In

Reviewing Your Practice Test Overall | Manhattan Prep GMAT Practice Test Analysis Pt1

Kaplan has separate packages for online and live courses. Kaplan GMAT Live Online Course is at $1249. This includes 18 hours of Live Online instruction, 30+ hours of elective live instruction through Kaplans The GMAT Channel, online instruction, 9 full-length GMAT practice tests, 5000+ practice questions among other features.

You could have the same features, except that the 18 hours of instruction is conducted in person, through Kaplan GMAT In-person Course which costs $1449.

Meanwhile, you could have either of the two set-ups with Manhattan Preps Live GMAT course for the same price of $1599. This is inclusive of 27 hours of live instruction that could be either in person or online.

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Which Gmat Practice Test Should You Take

You can take either an official practice test from the same folks who write the GMAT, or a third-party test, like the ones weve written here at Manhattan Prep.

An official GMATPrep practice test is the closest youre going to get to the real test-day experience. The test looks and feels like the real thing, and the questions are official ones. The GMAC hasnt revealed whether its practice tests use the same scoring algorithm as the real GMAT however, at the very least, they were created by the same organization and should ostensibly be similar.

The downside to the official practice tests is that its harder to learn from them afterwards. The problem explanations are weak to nonexistent, and they dont give you as much data to analyze as many third-party practice tests. That doesnt mean you cant effectively review a GMATPrep test! It just means that the analysis wont be at your fingertips instantly.

For that reason, I recommend taking third-party practice tests during most of your GMAT study process, in order to really dig into the results and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Then, take a couple of official practice tests in the weeks prior to test day, with your final practice test being a GMATPrep test one week before the real thing.

Manhattan Prep Vs Kaplan Gmat: Ease Of Use

Kaplan prep course is very user-friendly. Its videos include an option that allows you to activate captions if you are more of a visual symbolic learner. The videos and practice tests are designed for effective learning. The downside, though, is that Kaplan does not have a mobile app, which might be a deal-breaker if accessibility through gadgets is important to you.

Similarly, Manhattan Preps dashboard is quite easy to navigate. Tools are simple icons whose functions are introduced in a brief tutorial. The design of the platform allows you to personalize your prep and to follow the listed resources.

Further, Manhattan GMAT prep has a mobile app that is quite easy to download and is available on iOS and Android.

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Get More With Assessments + Answer Explanations

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses by generating personalized assessment reports for every practice test you take. Get an in-depth review of each question you answer, including data on difficulty level, topic, and subtopic. Plus youll get detailed answer explanations so you can study smarter.

Tips for Success

You’ll need approximately four hours to complete this free, online GMAT practice test.You should take it in a quiet place where you’ll have a consistent internet connection and no interruptions. Remember, no matter how you score on your free practice exam, use what you learn as a starting point for informing the rest of your GMAT prep plan. We’re here to help guide you through the practice testand beyond.

Figure Out Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Manhattan GMAT Test Simulation Booklet W/ Marker

Diagnostic exams can identify your strengths and weaknesses. That’s one reason you should take a GMAT practice test before you start studying. By identifying your weaknesses, you can structure your study plan around those areas. Taking another diagnostic test halfway through your studying can show your progress.

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What To Do After Your Gmat Practice Test

After you finish a practice test, take a break: youve earned it. A practice test produces mental, and even physical, fatigue. Dont beat yourself up over the score if it isnt what you hoped for. A score on a practice test, whether good or bad, is valuable data that will help you decide where to go next.

In a day or two, its time to start reviewing! In the meantime, heres some guidance on how to do a fantastic job of reviewing GMAT problems. If you take each practice test effectively, and review it effectively, you can expect to learn a lot from each one you take.

Tips for reviewing GMAT practice problems:

You can attend the first session of any of our online or in-person GMAT courses absolutely free! Were not kidding. Check out our upcoming courses here.

Chelsey Cooley is a Manhattan Prep instructor based in Seattle, Washington. Chelsey always followed her heart when it came to her education. Luckily, her heart led her straight to the perfect background for GMAT and GRE teaching: she has undergraduate degrees in mathematics and history, a masters degree in linguistics, a 790 on the GMAT, and a perfect 170Q/170V on the GRE. Check out Chelseys upcoming GMAT prep offerings here.

Manhattan Prep Gmat Practice Tests

Manhattan Preps bundle of practice exams is among the most straightforward of all of the options available. Pricing out at only $49, they offer great value in terms of affordability. This provides access to 6 full-length practice exams, with questions taken from their bank of over 1,200 questions. That said, we did find the quality of these practice questions to be a tier below Kaplans tests. While we liked that the practice exams reflect the adaptive algorithm of the GMAT, meaning youll get harder questions in the areas where youre strong and easier questions where youre weaker, the problems were just less of a match for the real thing. That said, they still make our best list for bang for your buck purposes.

You are able to customize your exams to alter the order in which the sections are presented, and you can opt to take a test in a timed mode or without a timer. We find this timing feature to be particularly helpful, as timing and pacing issues can be frustrating and quite challenging for many students. One cool feature is that if you dont feel quite ready for test day, Manhattan Prep gives you the option to reset and take the same practice exams again with questions in a different order.

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Kaplan Gmat Practice Tests

In our teams opinion, what makes Kaplans GMAT practice tests stand out and earn our top spot is the realistic nature of these simulated exams. They are undeniably a dead ringer for the real thing. Kaplan has an army of in-house GMAT prep experts and its clear they have spared no expense in designing their practice tests. We found the Kaplan GMAT practice questions to closely match the problem length, content and difficulty of the real exam.

With Kaplans GMAT Practice Pack, you get access to 8 full-length practice tests for right around $150, a great value in our teams opinion. In addition to the practice tests, you will be able to utilize Kaplans adaptive Qbank, where you can create your own additional customized quizzes from over 2,300 practice questions. This provides you the opportunity to target areas where you need the most improvement, as you can set parameters around the types of questions you see.

We also really like that each question comes with a full explanation of the answers: When you get it right, youll have an even greater understanding of why, and when you get one wrong, youll also know exactly why. These text explanations from Kaplan are some of the most thorough and comprehensive solution explanations weve seen, so they get high marks in that regard.

Read our full review of the Kaplan GMAT Prep Course here

Your Gmat Practice Test

Prioritizing Your Studies | Manhattan Prep GMAT Practice Test Analysis Pt3

Dont dive into your practice test immediately. Prepare your environment first.

Make certain that you wont be interrupted while taking your practice GMAT. Sit at a desk or table in a quiet, unstimulating room. Prepare a snack and a drink to have during your break otherwise, dont eat or drink while taking the practice test. Put your phone and electronics, other than the computer youre using for the test, out of the way. And close any other programs running on that computer so you wont be distracted.

If youre taking a Manhattan Prep course, you should have already received a yellow pad thats just like the one youll take notes on during test day. Use it while you take your practice test! If youre not taking a course, you can also purchase the yellow pad here.

Before you begin, take a few minutes to quietly reflect on your goals for the practice test. Articulate two or three SMART goals. By the way, achieving a specific score isnt a SMART goal, since it isnt attainable: you only directly control your choices and your behavior, not your score. Focus on what youll actually do during the practice test, not on the results. For instance, you might want to guess on more problems or use timing benchmarks.

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Manhattan Prep Vs Kaplan Gmat Prep Course 202: Which Is The Best


  • Interactive and engaging video lessons
  • Mobile app for GMAT prep

Knowing that your GMAT score is highly likely to affect your chances to be admitted to a top MBA program, there is no doubt that you would want the best GMAT prep partner. Two of the leading names in GMAT prep are Kaplan and Manhattan Prep.

Kaplan GMAT had a long history of establishing its name. It offers a wide variety of packages for GMAT courses and provides one of the highest number of practice tests and practice questions as compared with other GMAT prep courses.

Meanwhile, Manhattan Prep is one of the top choices for GMAT prep because of its 99th percentile instructors and tutors and the variety of packages that respond to varied styles, targets, and availability. Further, its award-winning e-learning platform ensures engaging and flexible learning.

Both have good reviews and interesting features but which one is the best? This is what we will find out in this Manhattan Prep vs Kaplan GMAT course comparison review.

Manhattan Prep Gmat Prep Is The Best If You:

  • Require a prep package that provides intensive training for less prep time or advanced GMAT prep to further improve your already good GMAT score
  • Enjoy more interactive and engaging video lessons
  • Value the availability of a mobile app for GMAT prep

I hope this comparison review has been helpful. Good luck with your GMAT.

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Veritas Prep Gmat Practice Tests

For GMAT exam prep at an affordable price, Veritas is in sync with Manhattan Prep. For $49, you get 7 computer adaptive practice exams with questions written by their own GMAT instructors. Technically though, you really get 6 practice exams when you purchase this package, because they offer a full GMAT practice test 100% free for anyone.

As with other providers, their questions are pretty realistic and mimic the experience of taking the actual GMAT however, once again, we found them to be more of a 1B option behind Kaplans practice tests. Veritas has designed their program to provide you with a variety of questions to reflect the same number and nature of questions that you will see on the exam, with adaptive technology to adjust the difficulty of each practice question according to your responses to previously answered questions. So there is no arguing the content structure is strong.

Somewhat like Kaplan, with Veritas Prep you will have access to hundreds of additional practice questions in their GMAT question bank. This feature allows you to select the number and types of questions youd like to concentrate on. Unlike their practice tests though, this GMAT question bank is not adaptive in nature, which is a bummer, and thus doesnt stack up with Kaplans. Our team recognizes this question bank as a valuable component, and found it to be especially helpful if you want to focus on specific problem areas or topics, but no simulating mini-practice tests.

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