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Luigi’s Pizza Brooklyn New York

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Barstool Pizza Review – Luigi’s Pizza (Brooklyn, NY)

Luigi’s Pizza On 47th is a local pizzeria where you can enjoy a special dining experience with your family and friends. Serving Sunset Park, New York, our business boasts a menu of pizza, pasta, garlic sticks, and so much more.

Whether you’re craving New York-style pizza or sausage heros, treat yourself to a delicious meal available for dine in or takeout.

Luigi Lanzo Of The Fifth Ave Pizza Place Luigi’s Has Died Leaving Behind A Hole In The Communityand An Iconic New York Slice

By Daniel Karel

When I call Giovanni Lanzo to discuss the legacy of his father, Luigi Lanzo, founder of South Park Slopes beloved Luigis Pizza and an exemplar of hard work and human decency, our conversation is interrupted at intervals by customers, all of whom Giovanni seems to know by name, and devastated well-wishers, who have spotted the memorial of roses and candles outside of the front door.

Thank you, thank you, says Lanzo, in a rich New York accent, speaking to a man with emotion in his voice. Yes, yes. Hes with my mother now.

Luigi Lanzo passed away June 14 at the age of 88. The neighborhood is just finding out, in part thanks to the makeshift shrine at the Fifth Avenue storefront. Luigis Pizza, which Lanzo père opened in 1973, has been a local fixture, revered for the quiet, consistent excellence of its pies, and its immutability in a community where rent prices continue to climb.

At Luigis you can reliable get a classic old school New York slice at its finest: A slightly-sweet tomato sauce burbles under creamy fresh pockets of mozzarella. The grandma slice is robust to make any nonna proud. The basil is fresh, the shop itself charmingly retroif youve never been, you might recognize it from its cameo in the 1999 Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy.

Lanzo began saving up for the shop when he emigrated to New York from Calabria, in southwest Italy, in 1961, at the age of 28.

Reviews For Luigi’s Pizzeria

Let’s go the Point : 5 – In and OutJust wanted an old fashion: Crispy dough fresh mozzarella and inhouse sauce … I am blown away… A small window front no seating has what we came for … Will return… There are always people making a line – and service is quick…Vegetarian options: Just enough to hold you down

#1 pizza in the world ?. I always travel from Syracuse to get a taste of this pizza. Each time I get this pizza, my niece would make me pay for her pizza. She would always complain about her life while she is eating the pizza. And in top of that she always puts so much pepper? on her pizza?. And plus she makes me pay for her bottle of coke. Next time I better go before meeting her.Kid-friendliness: Tasty, kids love it!

The first time we had Luigi’s pizza was Thursday of this week. So, we decided to order a pie today. The place does not look like much. It’s a small take-out-only pizzeria.They have a concrete planter you can sit on and two stand-up tables.Words could not suffice how great their pizzas were. You would have to experience it yourself.

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