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Best Way To Get To Manhattan From Jfk

Jfk Airport Transportation Options

How to get to Manhattan by train from JFK airport | NYC travel guide

You could choose from the subway, the Long Island Railroad , taxi/uber/car service, NY Airporter express bus, or a door to door airport shuttle. If you have a car, you can drive too. All of these options have their pros and cons.

Choosing the right transportation option for you will depend on your circumstances. Lets examine each one so that you can make an educated decision.

Additional NYC Airport information:

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Getting From Manhattan Ny To Jfk

When you ride with Uber on your next trip from Manhattan NY to JFK, youve got choices. Whether youre traveling alone or with others, find a ride option that fits your needs and budget. If you like to plan ahead, consider scheduling a ride to JFK in advance. Or you can request a ride on demand from Manhattan NY in the Uber app.

The route your driver takes might depend on the time of day and other factors, like traffic and how many other riders are making requests. You can have a stress-free ride knowing that the Uber app will suggest the most efficient route to your driver.

Jfk Airport Transfers Using The Airtrain Jamaica Line & The Nyc Subway

You can also get from JFK Airport to New York City by taking AirTrains Jamaica line to the Sutphin Blvd/ Archer Avenue station. Heres where youll connect to the expansive NYC subway system.

From this station, take the E train towards Manhattan where youll have multiple stops in Manhattan depending on where you need to go. Just know, the E train will make several stops in Queens before crossing into the city .

Most visitors are traveling to a midtown hotel. So, if this is you as well, youll probably need to get off the train at either 42nd St./Times Square or the very next stop, 34th St./ Penn Station.

From either of these stops, youll also have the option to transfer for free to other subway lines. Penn Station also has a taxi stand if you plan to finish your journey in a cab.

From your terminal JFK Airport to NYC, expect the ride to take about 50 to 60 minutes and cost $7.75. The cost includes the $5.00 AirTrain entrance/exit fee and $2.75 for the subway ride. There is a $1.00 charge to buy a new MetroCard from an automated machine, but this fee is waived if you buy your Metrocard from an agent at the station.

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Helicopter To Jfk Airport The Most Expensive Method

If you have deep pockets, and the idea of flying over all the dreadful traffic appeals to you, there is helicopter service to JFK Airport NY and this is truly the best way to JFK, albeit uber-expensive, but super-fast. US Helicopter flies to JFK from three locations in Manhattan: E. 34th Street, W. 30th Street, and the Wall Street Heliport. Flying time to JFK Airport is 12 minutes, but youll go through security checks before boarding, so allow some additional time for that. The helicopter flies to JFK International Airport only on weekdays, during the day. The fare is $159, making this the most expensive method. There are luggage restrictions of one checked bag, and one carry-on per passenger. Weather can determine travel time to JFK Airport, or if the helicopter will fly at all.If you want to be pampered a bit, a private limo might be the way for you to go to JFK Airport.

The Best And Cheapest Way To Get From Manhattan To Jfk International Airport

The best way to get from JFK Airport to Manhattan step

by Dan Miller | Jun 20, 2018 | airports, all |

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Ive traveled to New YorkCity with my family a couple of times once with my daughter for her birthday a few years ago and more recently with my son as a layover on our way to Greece.

Both times I stayed in midtown Manhattan , so none of the three NYCairport options were markedly better for us than any of the others. For our trip to Greece, my son and I ended up flying out of JFK airport.

Because JFK airport is quite a distance from the main areas of New YorkCity, I did a bit of research to find the best way from Manhattan to JFK. Heres what I learned.

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Long Island Railroad Train

The train connects the JFK AirTrain with Penn Station. The total ride costs $10. To get to the train you will need to take the AirTrain first . The AirTrain will take between 15 and 25 minutes to get to the train station. The train ride to Manhattans Penn Station takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Erics Tip:

How To Get To Manhattan From Jfk Airport

To reach JFK to Manhattan, various alternatives are possible. Public transport companies offer these options or private transportation from Manhattan to JFK companies. The differentiating criteria are the comfort level, the Private Transfer time and the place where the means of transport you have chosen will drop you off.

  • Since all means of transport from JFK to Manhattan take the same time, If you are looking for the most economical method the best way is the train.
  • Each New York airport has subway and Railway lines that directly connect downtown New York to Manhattan.
  • It takes about 1 hour to get from JFK to Time Square, and a one-way ticket usually costs $8.

However, if you no longer have the motivation or strength to move your suitcases after a long flight, we advise you to keep a budget accommodation for the taxi.

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About John F Kennedy International Airport

JFK was built to relieve the overcrowding at nearby LaGuardia Airport. When it opened in 1948, it was called New York International or Idelwild Airport, but after John F. Kennedys assassination in 1963, the airport was renamed John F. Kennedy International Airport as a tribute.

The airport is located in the Jamaica neighborhood in the borough of Queens New York, which is about 16 miles from midtown Manhattan. Kennedy airport has six passenger terminals and four runways. More than ninety airlines fly from the airport and it is a hub for both American and Delta airlines. JetBlue uses JFK as its primary operating base.

**If you need help figuring out where to stay while you are in NYC, be sure to grab my free New York Hotel Cheatsheet.

Getting To Jfk Airport From Manhattan By Train On The Long Island Railroad

How To Get To JFK Airport From Manhattan

The Long Island Railroad has a large route map, but if youre headed to the airport from Times Square , youll probably want to take the LIRR to JFK from Penn Station, which is between 7th and 8th Avenues and 31st and 33rd streets in Manhattan. . To get to JFK, youll want to take the LIRR to the Jamaica station.

The LIRR costs $10.25 one way at peak times and $7.50 in off-peak times. Theres a family fare of $1 each way for up to four children per traveling adult . Theres also a child fare with a discount of 50% off full fare. So if youre traveling with a family, the LIRR may be the cheapest way to get from Manhattan to JFK.

Another advantage of taking the train to Kennedy airport is that youre not on the road , so you dont have to deal with traffic backups.

Once you get off at Jamaica station, youll take the AirTrain JFK the rest of the way to the airport .

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Jet Black Limousine In New York

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Getting To Nyc From Jfk Airport

You have a two main options for getting from JFK Airport to New York City.

Subway: The closest subway station to JFK Airport is Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue/JFK Airport. To get there, you can take the AirTrain from JFK Airport to Jamaica, and transfer to the subway.

Long Island Rail Road: The Long Island Rail Road also stops at Jamaica. You can take the AirTrain to the station, and then transfer to a New York City-bound train.

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Where Is Jfk Airport

Kennedy International Airport is the largest of the New York City areas three airports and is located just over 18 miles from Manhattan. JFK Airport straddles the Queens/Brooklyn border at the South East corner of Brooklyn and close to New York City, on The South Shore of Long Island. The airport handles the majority of the areas international Flights to and from New York. JFK also handles a good portion of the domestic traffic to the New York area. JFK is officially located in Southeast Queens, at JFK Expressway and South Cargo Rd., about 15 miles from Manhattan, just over Brooklyns far east border and only 11 miles from central Brooklyn. The air traveler has a variety of travel options to get to JFK airport from Midtown Manhattan. Each mode of transport to and from JFK Airport has its own costs and benefits, and here well explore the best ways to JFK.

Transfers From Jfk To Nyc On The Howard Beach Airtrain & Nyc Subway

How To Get From Jfk Manhattan Public Transportation

Similar to above, take the Howard Beach AirTrain Line to the Howard Beach/JFK Airport stop and connect to the A train to Manhattan on the New York City subway. The $7.75 one-way cost applies as above. Buy your MetroCard for the subway at the Howard Beach Station and proceed into Manhattan.

In all honesty, if I had to choose an AirTrain/NYC Subway option, Id use the Jamaica Line option from above. The Howard Beach Line option takes longer to get to Manhattan at about 70-75 minutes.

The one difference to consider is the A train will get you into lower Manhattan below 14th street. If youre staying at an NYC hotel below 14th St. on Manhattans west side, the A train might make more sense.

Pro Tip: If you plan to take the A train from NYC to JFK at the end of your trip, only get on the train headed for Far Rockaway not Lefferts Blvd.

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How To Get From Laguardia Airport To Manhattan

LaGuardia is in Queens, New York. Itâs the closest airport to Midtown Manhattan, and it offers many options for getting into the city.

  • Subway or bus: You can take the subway or a bus from LaGuardia into Manhattan, depending on where you need to go. A bus or subway ride from LaGuardia will run you $2.75 with your MetroCard.
  • Express shuttle bus: It costs about $16 to get from LaGuardia to Manhattan using the express shuttle bus, but it can take anywhere from one to two hours. The bus runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Taxi and ride-hailing: Getting a taxi or a similar ride could be more expensive, but itâll cut down on your travel time compared to the express bus. You can get a taxi for about $40. Thatâs without adding in the cost of bridge tolls or of traveling during peak times.

Jfk Airport To Manhattan Transfer

Transfer from JFK Airport to Manhattan is best arranged before you travel to New York. You can travel from JFK Airport to Manhattan by taxi, bus, shuttle, subway or train. There are many options so youll always find one that suits your needs and budget whether youre travelling alone or in a group.

Eric’s Index

  • 7.1 JFK Airport Transfer Other Boroughs
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    South Ozone Park United States

    Theres no city quite like the Big Apple. From the hustle of Wall Street to the bright lights of Times Square to Central Park’s leafy outlook, New York City pulsates with energy. Touch the sky from the Empire State Building, rub shoulders with art buffs at the the Guggenheim or Museum of Modern Art, visit Lady Liberty on Ellis Island and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Spend the day lazing in Central Park, unleash your inner kid at Coney Island, sink your teeth into delectable pizza and bagels, or simply wander through some of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world from NoHo and the Meatpacking District to Tribeca and Williamsburg.

    Things to do in South Ozone Park

    Places to stay in South Ozone Park

    By Step Instructions For Taking The M60 Or Q70 Buses From Lga To The Subway

    How to Get from JFK Airport to Times Square and Manhattan

    After you exit the secure area of LaGuardia Airport, before you exit the airport, youll need to get a MTA Metrocard. There are automated kiosks near the exits as well as a shop that sells Metrocards. In the times that I have been to LGA, there has also been a LaGuardia employee near the exits that is available to help answer questions.

    After you have your Metrocard, you will go outside or LaGuardia Airport and cross over one lane of traffic and over to the island where the public transportation is. Its slightly different at each terminal, and LGA Airport is undergoing a ton of construction so it may not look exactly like this, but youre basically looking for something like this

    VERY IMPORTANT! Both of the express buses do NOT let you pay when you board. You have to get your ticket BEFORE the bus comes. There are machines that look like this.

    You still pay with your MetroCard. Its $2.75 for full fare and $1.35 for reduced fare / students. There are free bus-to-subway transfers, so youll just swipe your same Metrocard when you enter the subway station. The system is smart enough to figure it all out. I was a little nervous when I was there with my son, but it worked flawlessly. We bought 2 tickets at LGA airport to go to Manhattan on the Q70 bus on the machines above, and when we got to 74th Avenue to ride the F train, we swiped and it registered 2 bus to subway transfers and opened up the turnstiles for both of us to go through.

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    Explore Transportation Options And Costs When Traveling Into Manhattan From New York Citys Three Airports

    Flying in for a visit to New York City? Whether youâre arriving at JFK, LaGuardia or Newark, there are a few options for your onward journey.

    Each mode of transportation offers a different level of convenience and price. So you can choose to travel in comfort and luxury, or see New York through a localâs eyes. Before you travel, be sure to check the transportation serviceâs websites for the latest information on fares and schedules. Here are some of the best ways to get from any of the three major NYC airports into Manhattan.

    Getting A Car Service To Jfk From Manhattan

    Car Service : This would be your best bet if you want to have someone else drive for you while taking care of all the details. A lot of people choose this option as they dont like dealing with taxis because theyre not sure how much money theyll end up having to pay after explaining where they need to get picked up.

    Prices are slightly lower than taxis and they will meet you a your door!

    Plan on 35 minutes to an hour.

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    Jfk Airport To Manhattan: Shared Vans/private Vans

    There are several shared ride/bus services from JFK to Manhattan. The most popular, is Go Airlink. Through GoAirlink you can book a private car, van or a shared ride. They service all of the area airports, hotels, cruise terminals and transportation hubs. Prices will vary depending on number of passengers, type of service and distance traveled.

    If you want a car service, and prefer to pre-book and pre-pay this would be your best option. You can book your GoAirlink here or click on the banner below!

    Door To Door Jfk Airport Shuttle

    airports Archives

    The best shuttle to JFK is Go Airlink NYC. They offer an airport shuttle to JFK which picks you up at your door and I have found them to be slightly cheaper than other similar shuttle options. Most likely you will also be making stops to pick up other passengers, so it is not going to be the fastest option. However, since it is door to door service, it could make things a lot easier if you have a lot of luggage, and so the extra time might be worth it.

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